UNHCR Cash for Protection Needs: Theresia Mbong

Theresia Mbong, a resident of the Tole community and a victim of the ongoing crisis lost her provision store, her major source of livelihood. According to Theresia she was able to see her children through school from the profit she made from the store, but to her greatest dismay, things came crumbling when her fully stocked shop was brought down to ashes. Meeting the basic needs of her family has also become a tussel until the UNHCR cash support came. 

As a benificiary, Theresia invested the money she benefitted into a mini food shop, where she now sells groundnuts, cassava flakes (garri) and onions in the Tole community. She is now a proud house head who takes care of her family and is able to pay her childrens fees. She is immensely grateful to the UNHCR and TeenAlive for creating and impact in her life and that of her family, she also beckons on God to bless these organizations for their good work in assisting humanity.

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