The Power of Collaboration and Coordinated Response: How UNHCR Impacted the Lives of Conflict affected men and women through Referrals from TeenAlive

We are thrilled to share the transformative impact of the UNHCR’s cash for protection needs initiative, driven by the incredible work of TeenAlive. This initiative was inspired by TeenAlive’s impactful work and monthly reports to the protection cluster, has made a profound difference in the lives of conflict affected men and women. Before then, UNHCR had visited TeenAlive Temporal Safe Shelter and supported them with 100 quality sets of dignity kits and 30 sets of Mama kits. In December 2023, 60 beneficiaries received essential cash assistance of 100,000frs each, through TeenAlive’s dedicated efforts.

Engage with us we share this transformative stories.

Meet Ful Lois Chiambom, a 35-year-old IDP returnee and single mother of five from Liongo community. Thanks to the UNHCR cash support, Lois was able to start up some small businesses, which included buying and processing palm oil and selling delicious cassava rolls (Accra Banana) at her doorstep. She has extended the profit she makes from her business to rent a piece of land and venture into peasant farming in anticipation of a prolific harvest. She currently belongs to a savings group in the community. Lois expresses her heartfelt gratitude to UNHCR and TeenAlive for their timely support, which has empowered her to take care of her children and build a stable life.

Join us in celebrating these transformative efforts, full of tangible impacts and support our mission to continue making a positive impact in our communities. Together, we can continue to support and empower more individuals like Lois, helping them rebuild their lives and thrive.

We shall be updating you on the success stories recorded by this support for the entire month.

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