UNHCR Cash for Protection Needs: The TeenAlive Success story

Former resident of Muea, Diensi Caroline, now an internally displaced person dwelling in the Tole community, is a 42 year old, mother of five, who manages a household of seven. She had dificulties paying her house rent and providing basic amenities for her family. As a benificiary of the UNHCR  cash support, Caroline purchases 20 litres of vegetable oil,sugar and a bag of groundnut, which she uses to produce groundnut sweets and plantain chips. She also buys branding material ( plastics) and use them to package her business items and. So supplies in larger quantities to other vendors in and out of the Tole community.

According to Caroline this has helped her overcome the turmoil she went through as a result of the crisis and has been helped get back on her feet again. She now boast of affording basic bills and most importantly taking care of her childrens education. She says thank you unreservingly to the UNHCR  and TeenAlive.

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