TeenAlive Association: Empowering Young Girls

TeenAlive Association, a women-led organization, is dedicated to the holistic development and empowerment of young people, having its headquarters in Buea, Cameroon, with a special focus on women and girls.

Our mission, through the motto, “Hopeful teen world,” aims to create a supportive environment where children and young women can thrive, equipped with the education, vocational skills, and confidence to lead successful lives.

Guided by a team of dedicated young women leaders, with expertise in providing education and protection services to women and girls. TeenAlive serves as a beacon of inspiration and support, demonstrating the power of female leadership in driving social change, especially in conflict-affected settings.

At the heart of TeenAlive’s mission is the commitment to providing a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where young people can thrive. The organization offers a wide range of programs including mentorship, educational, and community service initiatives. These programs are designed to equip teenagers (including girl mothers) with the skills and confidence they need to become proactive members of society.

Under the visionary leadership of women who are experts in Education, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, Protection, and Case Management, TeenAlive emphasizes the importance of gender equality, female empowerment and is dedicated towards bringing an end to Gender-based Violence (especially harmful cultural practices against women and girls).

TeenAlive’s efforts not only aim to uplift individual youths but also to create a ripple effect, fostering a more equitable and empowered community. Through its dynamic and inclusive approach, TeenAlive Association stands as a testament to the transformative power of women-led initiatives in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

As a women-led organization, TeenAlive Association plays a vital role in the emergency context of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. We offer gender-sensitive support, trauma-informed services, empower women and girls, and provide essential services like MHPSS through aged-appropriate safe spaces, child protection, education, family businesses, fostering resilience and stability in these conflict-affected areas.

Recognizing the importance of economic independence, TeenAlive offers support to vulnerable women headed households with income generating programs. Vocational programs include skills training in areas such as tailoring, traditional embroidery, beads designs and other life skills programs to adolescents, aimed at helping especially girls to gain resilience and navigate life’s challenges.

Our health and well-being initiatives focus on both physical and mental health services. We carry out activities on sexual reproductive health rights, provide access to healthcare services, and offer mental health support. By addressing these critical areas, we ensure that young women have the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their bodies and lives.

Through these comprehensive services, the TeenAlive Association not only uplifts individual women and girls but also strengthens the entire community, fostering a generation of empowered female leaders.

Our impactful partnership with UNICEF-ECHO (European Commission for humanitarian Aid) since 2022 and Street Child is a testament of the quality services we provide to the vulnerable population.

We have also collaborated effectively with UNFPA, UNHCR, partners of the Child Protection Area of Responsibility, Education Cluster, community-based organizations and community leaders.

Be part of our transformative initiative.

By Henrietta Ansahmbom

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