Making Menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030

In commemoration of the Menstrual Hygiene Week celebration, our first community outing took place yesterday May 26, 2022, in a locality known as Wonyamongo, in Buea, Cameroon.

Support for this project came from #Africa#Diversity, friends and well wishers of TeenAlive.

We focused on the theme, “Making Menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030.”

Based the theme, the organization worked on “empowering Adolescent Girls and Teenage Mothers through menstrual Hygiene management.”

It should be noted that, poor menstrual Hygiene management, is sometimes caused by the notion that menstruation is not a normal fact of life, as such can be termed dirty, making adolescents to practice poor menstrual hygiene. Today, we aimed at ending the stigma, shame, raising the pride of these girls and preventing the notion that girls are dirty during menstruation and should not go to school.

In order to disseminate the above information, we therefore focused on the following sessions:

1. Myth busters on menstruation

2. Menstrual Hygiene management

3. A session on menstrual Cycle

4. A presentation on reusable sanitary pad

5. Experience sharing/ Questions and Answers

6. Distribution of reusable sanitary pads and soap.

Our hearts goes to our donors and all the volunteers for the sacrifices they are making.

Watch out for our next activity.

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