Life Skills


Life skills are a group of psycho social competences and Interpersonal skills that help people make informed decisions, Solve Problems ,think Critically and creatively, Communicate effectively,build healthy relationships, Empathize with others and manage their lives in a healthy way.

Following the ongoing project, “Protecting Conflict Affected Children,Adolescents and Teenage mothers in the Northwest and Southwest Region, TeenAlive has incorporated the Life skill program to educate Children and Adolescents in schools.

TeenAlive on the 15th of March had an exclusive Life skills session with over 30 carefully selected pupils and Students from 10 schools, trained as peer Educators at the TeenAlive Head office Buea.These children were accompanied by their teachers who will in turn supervise the Life Skills peer education programs in schools. Also present at the training was the UNICEF child Protection Specialist

The session was highly interactive, letting students define concepts based on their understanding, according to one of the participants “Life skills are what make us take informed decisions and being aware of the consequences that may follow”.

At the end of the session each student was given the platform to share their take home messages, they were also encouraged to share the lessons learned to their peers in school and in the community.

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